Installation Guide

Quick Start

The three easy steps below is all it takes to install SecureDolphin and start encrypting your correspondence. Once the installation is complete you will receive an encrypted "Welcome" E-mail from SecureDolphin.


If you already installed the SecureDolphin extension from the Chrome Store, then you are almost there - all you need is just to generate a key. Skip to Step 3


Step 1 - Authorize access

The very first step during the registration is to validate that you own the GMail mailbox and retrieve important account information that will be used for setting up your records in SecureDolphin system.

Step 2 - Install Extension

Once the mailbox access is authorized, the installation process will offer to install SecureDolphin Chrome extension and prompt for your consent to do so.

Step 3 - Generate Key

The last step in the installation process is to generate the private key that will be used for E-mail encryption.

For extra security, the private key is protected by a password that you'll be asked to choose.