End-to-End Encryption for GMail and Yahoo

Quick Guide

SecureDolphin is much more convenient to use than all known alternatives. Remarkably the ease of use is achieved without any security sacrifices - it is as secure as the most robust solutions.


If you have not installed SecureDolphin yet or need help in doing so, please, refer to the Installation Guide


Encrypt Messages

Once you installed the SecureDolphin extension, you are ready to send your first encrypted message.

Go to your mailbox and compose an E-mail as usual. When done just click the "Encrypt" button to see the text transform into garbled characters that only the intended recipient can read.

Decrypt Messages

Encrypted messages are not readable when received in your mailbox. Obviously, that is the purpose.

In order to decrypt an E-mail message, use the "Decrypt" button that will be shown in the mailbox after successful SecureDolphin installation