ProtonMail and PayPal saga - continued

I wrote about the ProtonMail before, in connection with PayPal freezing the account, used for collection of Indie Go Go donations. Checking back some time later, I found that PayPal lifted the gate on the account. When pressed on reasons for freezing the account, PayPal blamed a "human error". The explanation looks fishy to me. But, even if it is true, there still is a fundamental problem, a problem, that I've pointed to before:

ProtonMail did not escape the Big Brother!

ProtonMail is the most recent addition to the family of secure communication solutions (there are a few others that I will cover in separate blog posts). According to their web site ProtonMail is fully anonymous and confidential web E-mail system, i.e. Yahoo Mail or GMail but better: they don't have access to your E-mails and don't keep track of users, accessing the service. What can be better!